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Ecospray specializes in research & development, design and realization of innovative technologies for gas cleaning and/or gas cooling in diverse industrial processes. Ecospray solutions allow to meet emission regulations cost effectively while sustaining or enhancing operating efficiencies.

Established in 2005, Ecospray operates worldwide offering unique solutions applied in cooling down hot gases and in the removal of regulated pollutants from the exhaust gases of power stations, marine engines, cement and steel plants, chemical plants/refineries and waste incineration.

Even more than third party system and product certification, Ecospray is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 - DNV GL.



Ecospray has developed the ECO-EGCTM, a proprietary high performance multi-pollutant Exhaust Gas Cleaning System. The ECO-EGCTM confidently meets and exceeds all sulfur emission requirements and complies with all major water discharge standards.


The ECO-EGCTM can also be combined with ECO-CDFTM (Catalytic Dry Filter) or ECO-DOCTM (Diesel Oxidative Catalyst reactor), achieving additional benefits: 


  • Significant reduction of black smoke in the exhaust gas emission

  • Virtually no heavy metals in the exhaust gas (with ECO-CDFTM)

  • Superior wash water quality in terms of PAH, hydrocarbon and turbidity



  • Due to its extremely compact design and highly effective noise attenuation, the ECO-SOxTM ULTRA - COMPACT SEA WATER SCRUBBER perfectly replaces the existing silencer and does not require any funnel modification.

  • Ecospray’s proprietary “Triple swirl” non-clogging centrifugal demister eliminates water carryover and drastically reduces the need for maintenance and cleaning even after months of dry operation.

  • The ECO-EGCTM process includes sea water injection that is regulated proportionally according to the engine loads and the SO2 level at the funnel, in order to reduce as much as possible the energy consumption.

  • The ECO-EGCTM installation is typically completed in a 2-week dry-dock period.

  • The exclusive design of the Ecospray ECO-SOxTM optional paneled scrubber allows for installation while the ship is in service as opposed to waiting for the next dry dock.

  • The Ecospray proprietary condensation water catcher can be installed on the top of the funnel to solve the common problem of the condensation formed in cold weather conditions on the exhaust gas duct walls.

  • The ECO-EGCTM automation is time-tested and easy to operate.



TTSMS (Thermal Transient Shock Mitigation System) for inline scrubbers

This system consists of an inlet evaporative gas cooling system to mitigate the thermal transient shocks in the DeSOx tower during the start up in hot conditions. Very efficient for improving the lifetime of the tower in high temperature (T > 350° C) applications


Chevron demister for space saving

Innovative demister geometry with unparalleled water droplets removal capability, compact design and minimum pressure drop


Wash water filtration unit

System for filtering the entire wash water flow from the open loop tower and further increase the quality of the discharge water at the overboard (beyond compliance parameters) in terms of turbidity and heavy metals; helpful also for avoiding visible traces after a long time operation (soot deposits and/or shiny water) during port docking.

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