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Any Newbuilding project represents a significant Capital Investment for any shipping company and a number of choices made at new-building stage will affect both operational efficiency and ships lifetime quality.

As time or cost overruns can erode Shipyard standards in a highly competitive global environment the effect on Delivery date, vessels overall quality and maintainability can be significant. In addition the increased production levels of Far-East Shipyards are committing to makes it vital to implement rigorous Quality control procedures prior to Steel Cutting commencement and throughout the Construction process.

Therefore close supervision by qualified experts is of grave importance, right from a vessel’s plan approval process through its construction, commissioning and on-schedule delivery with no compromise on cost, quality and performance expectations.

The implementation of our Construction Agendas and rigorous Quality control procedures set a framework for Supervising Team Operation and allows us to ensure the highest construction standards and compliance with all applicable rules and regulations

Adapting to the continuously changing variables of each project while understanding local culture has enabled us to respond effectively and timely to our client’s needs.

Our Consolidated Marine Project Management Services cover all stages of a New-building Project thus rendering highly efficient and prompt turn-key solutions.

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